Crawling Mist

by Knudret Kommerdød

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released October 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Knudret Kommerdød Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Messenger of the Old Ones
I stand in a fire alone
Defeating the light of the sun
Darkness is where I belong
Quenching the light I will go on

Knight of the shadows, I will become
Madness will be my choir
Make way towards the battle
I come bearing the head of my rival
Taking my place atop the throne
Serenading the will of the wyrm
To be my own, To fulfil my darkest desires

Raising unconquerable walls, to prevent my demise
Walking my silence filled halls, with armoured hoards by my side
Track Name: Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh
Mothered by a whore
Born of the Anti-Christ
The flowing robes of the Magi
They burn in my eyes
I've seen it in my mind
...And wished it a million times
Sheep herded by pastors
Obeying their master

I can't find what I'm searing for
In my mind that's all the it takes

Himmelen har falt
Jorden en formørket skorpe
I kjølvannet av døds vi alle
Smuldre og oppløse
(The sky has fallen
The earth a blackened crust
In the wake of death we all crumble and dissolve)
Track Name: Woods of Ahtu
Plagued by burning woods
Ash rises above the raging flames
I can't do much but sit back and watch as my home burns to the ground
As new life forms
...And turns my surroundings into dust